Listen to some of my musical experiments


Winds of The Unseen Island


A set of highly dramatic and ambient Celtic music tracks. I tried to make each tell a part of a story, but not much to leave room to the imagination.

Urban simulation


I created this set of songs as an homage to the music of SimCity and similar city building games. A relaxing atmosphere with some ambient tunes, urban hiphop and jazzy themes. Created using Suno.

Ether Racing League – Original Soundtrack Concept Album


I’m working on a sci-fi racing game called Ether Racing League. It’s heavily inspired by F-Zero and Wipeout. I created this album as a sort of concept for the soundtrack of the game. Lots of high speed metal and powerful rock for exhilarating races. Created using Suno.

Composed in auxy

I find these little songs fun to make. They were all done on an iPhone using the Auxy App (mostly during commute).