Rikku fanart from Final Fantasy X-2. Painted in Procreate on an iPad Pro.

She is a young Al Bhed girl and the cousin of Yuna, the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X. In Final Fantasy X-2, Rikku is a member of the Gullwings, a sphere-hunting group, along with Yuna and Paine.

Rikku is known for her energetic, spunky, and optimistic personality. She is skilled in mechanics and technology, a trait common among the Al Bhed people. Throughout the game, she uses various abilities, such as stealing items from enemies and mixing items to create powerful combinations.

In the story of Final Fantasy X-2, Rikku helps Yuna in her quest to uncover the truth behind a mysterious sphere featuring a man resembling Tidus, Yuna’s lost love from Final Fantasy X. Rikku’s cheerful demeanor and unwavering support for her friends make her an integral part of the group’s dynamic.