M. Bison

M. Bison fanart from Street Fighter. Painted in Procreate on an iPad Pro.

Description by ChatGPT:

M. Bison, also known as Vega in Japan, is a fictional character from the Street Fighter video game series by Capcom. Introduced as the main antagonist in “Street Fighter II,” he is the malevolent and power-hungry dictator of the Shadaloo crime syndicate. M. Bison is characterized by his imposing physical presence, marked by a red military uniform and a peaked officer’s cap that symbolizes his authoritative nature. His fighting style, known as Psycho Power, combines traditional martial arts with supernatural abilities to manipulate energy, which he uses to devastating effect against his enemies. M. Bison’s ultimate goal is world domination, and his ruthlessness and disregard for human life make him a feared and formidable foe in the Street Fighter universe.