Luis Santander Art

Commission Info

Welcome to my Commission page! Here you’ll find all the necessary information to commission a unique, custom illustration from me. I specialize in detailed character art with a slightly stylized twist.

Commission Types and Pricing

These prices are standard for a single character. Feel free to ask for a custom arrangement.

Sketches: USD $25 – Great if you want a quick drawing to test the waters

Full color (no background): USD $50 – Use this to get a full quality, printable illustration

Note: The above prices are starting rates and may increase based on the complexity of the request. Also, they may increase over time as I get more requests! Act now 😉


  1. Send me your request via email or using the contact form, detailing as much as you can about what you want.
  2. I will review your request and confirm the final price.
  3. After receiving your payment via PayPal, I’ll start working on your commission.
  4. I will send you four loose sketches for pose/composition selection.
  5. Upon your approval, I will finish the artwork and send you the final image.

Turnaround Time

The completion time can vary depending on my current workload, but usually, it takes 2-3 days after sketch selection.

Payment Method

I accept payment through PayPal.

Usage Rights

You’re allowed to use the final product for personal use only. This means you can print it, use it as a profile picture, or display it in your home or website. Commercial use (selling or advertising) requires my explicit consent and may involve additional costs. I’m open for deals though!


I’m open to a variety of subjects and themes, including NSFW content and mecha design. However, I do not accept requests for extreme violence.


Here’s the kind of artwork you can expect from me.

Thank you for considering me for your art needs! Send me your request via email or through the contact form below.